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About Us

My name is Greg Corcoran and I own the Crimson Lion company. We offer a full line of frozen drink mixes which can be made in several different varieties such as frozen, on the rocks, straight up, martini's,  etc. We recently reached (27) flavors and one is better than the next.

We began the business in 2009 and continue to grow to add our Salsa, Jams, Barbecue Sauces, Condiments to our featured line of cocktail drink mixes and wine slush mixes. Feel free to visit our full website with Jar products, gourmet dip mixes, and more at

We started the business in 2009 as I was affected by a large cutback within the housing industry, but soon after was able to utilize my college business skills in the specialty foods and beverage field that I truly love. Sometimes things happen for a reason.

Over the years we have established long-term agreements with certified kitchens for the highest quality products. We appreciate all our wonderful and loyal customers and trust we can continue to serve them for a very long time to come.

Along with fairs, festivals, craft shows, we now sell to stores, restaurants, bars,  wineries, fundraising, farmers markets, online, etc.


Interests: Dogs: Particularly  French  Bulldogs, Restaurants, Travelling,  Sports: Baseball  ( Red Sox ) Football ( 49ers ) Hockey: (Bruins)

My favorite guy "B"

Greg and Frankie